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“...she sees work
through to completion
& works hard for the
best interest of those
she represents....”


“...she listened to what
I wanted, evaluated our
industry, & then applied
her marketing expertise
to give us something
even better....”


“...the website &
advertising you
developed far
exceeds the norm
for our industry...”


"...I cannot over state
what a terrific
experience it has been
working with Ann..."

Troy Haney, Owner
Haney Law


“Under the guidance of AT Media Studio, my dental practice has had eight consecutive months of the best growth we’ve ever seen. After years in practice, these are the best marketing results I’ve ever had. I highly recommend AT Media Studio.”

Randall Chambers, DDS
Chambers Dental

"Recently I had the opportunity to work with Ann designing my law firm website. I cannot over state what a terrific experience it has been working with Ann. She is an amazingly talented and insightful person who immediately understood what I was trying to accomplish through my website in terms of content, functionality and overall appearance. Ann was able to translate my thoughts and comments into a website that I am 100% proud of with virtually no revisions. Ann brings a unique perspective to website design and content because she has backgrounds in both the artistic as well as the marketing side of the process based upon her vast experience as both an artist and marketing expert.

Working with Ann has been nothing short of a pleasure and I look forward to a long, professional relationship with her."

Troy Haney
Owner, Haney Law Office

"We love our new website! Thanks for delivering exactly what Synchronicity Art Gallery needed in record time. Having been the owner of several businesses, I’m familiar with the task of building a website and its pitfalls. Ann made the process effortless on our part and delivered a best case scenario. This was important because our seasonal business was in desperate need of a new website immediately.

She listened to what I wanted, evaluated our industry, and then applied her marketing expertise to give us something even better. Ann’s excellent communication skills, broad scope of expertise and can-do attitude make AT Media Studio a great one-stop-shop. She jumped through hoops to get us what we needed, even making a special 6 hour round trip to our location to take the spectacular photography on our website herself.

I was impressed with the way she delivered on her promises. Since our new website went live, we have had many, many compliments on it.

I would highly recommend AT Media Studio to anyone looking for help with their marketing, websites and advertising. Ann is the type of person who delivers on her promises and obviously cares about her clients. I’m glad to be one of them."

Dave Thomasma, Owner
Synchronicity Art Gallery

"Ann, this is what I would want your potential clients to know about AT Media Studio. You are excellent in your field of work, experienced, and out for the best interest of your clients. I like the fact that you love your job and have a passion for it vs. ‘this is what I do to make a living.’ You do not compromise on just what looks good but want it to look great and above expectations.

When talking to you it shows that you have our best interest at heart and it is comfortable and relaxing to talk about the marketing direction you are recommending. The website and advertising you developed far exceeds the norm for our industry and projects the clean, professional image that is so critical to effectively marketing our business. I also like the fact that you know what will work and not work when asking direction on how to market our company. I guess it boils down to I trust you without a doubt and know that you are there to help me succeed. Thanks Ann I appreciate that."

Scott Cole, Owner
Innovative Painting

"As head of our company's Marketing, PR and Advertising, I don't always have the time accomplish ad design for multiple campaigns. When organizing the creative elements I turn to Ann Teliczan. She is a collaborative, strategic thinker whose creative process is well-defined. Ann's in-depth experience in branding and valuable knowledge in ad creative assure me that I can always expect professional quality and service with any project. She brings together creativity, discipline, and the ability to bring our objective to life. Her enthusiasm and passion truly make her a pleasure to work with."

Kiersten A. Schulte, Director of Marketing
Eastern Floral & The Goei Center

"In my opinion Ann Teliczan has 3 key attributes. She is creative, business-like and caring. Each of these attributes are important when working with someone in today’s business climate. To be able to apply her very creative perspective with business-like common sense is a valuable quality and rare combination. Strong creative ability while being practical with a business sense is a winning combination you don’t find in everyone. Ann has that ability and combines it with a caring attitude., she sees the work through to completion and works hard for the best interest of those she represents. I’m glad I can consider Ann as someone on my team in both business and as a friend."

Rick Vuyst CEO
Flowerland Stores

"Working with Ann has been a wonderful experience. She communicates care for the success of our business as well as providing an excellent product to make that happen. I highly recommend AT Media Studio."

Dan Hammond, CAO
Centric Laboratories

"After working with AT Media Studio, I see how Ann earned her reputation as one of the best marketers around. She was able to immediately capture the essence of our salon and made the process of creating our first website effortless. We love the website and the updated logo her agency created, the contemporary, clean design is exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend Ann Teliczan and AT Media Studio."

Jay Fletcher, Manager
Grand Salon of Ada