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Haney Law’s New Website

When Troy Haney from Haney Law called and told me he was ready for AT Media Studio to create a new website for his law firm, I was really excited. Troy Haney is not only a nice guy who's fun to work with, he's who you call when you want to pull out all the stops and bring in the big guns for ERISA cases.

Troy Haney is a leading expert on ERISA cases and a sought after speaker on the subject. The new website was designed to be easy to navigate, have a clean up to date look, reflect the region he covers with his services and showcase his expertise.

Websites are a specialty area for AT Media Studio. We view them as a foundation for our clients' marketing efforts. If you know someone who could benefit from a new website, or an update, have them give us a call at 616.560.4570 for a complimentary assessment and estimate.